Digital Kazimierz

Digital Kazimierz is a platform that brings together visual archives and photographic documentation of Kazimierz district from museum repositories and private collections. Digital Kazimierz is a step towards investigating, understanding, and archiving the tangible and intangible heritage of Krakow’s Kazimierz district, primarily in its visual aspect.

The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, whose history reaches as far back as 1988, has led to changes in Krakow's Jewish district Kazimierz — not only in its perception as an object of cultural heritage, but also in appearance. Records of JCF's activities in Kazimierz, amassed over thirty years, document the changes which the district has undergone throughout this period.

The street art of Kazimierz — graffitis, murals, stickers

Downtown districts like Kazimierz often become spaces where one can experience street art ranging from moderately sized ceramic works glued to walls to large-format wall paintings. Street art is distinguishably unstable and ephemeral.The impermanence of this phenomenon makes photographing and charting the only method of recording it in most cases. Such is the importance of street art to the Digital Kazimierz project.

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